Hey there!
My name is Fred, but most of the people call me... Fred.
I wish I had a super cool nickname but I guess I am stuck with Fred for life.
To be honest it ain't too bad. 
Once someone called me Pedro, but only because the lady misunderstood me.
I don't like Pedro.
I am from Brazil and now I live in Germany. 
Instead of just write down my CV below, I thought it would be nicer to interview myself.
So... here we go.

We’ll do this interview and pretend we
are two different people. 
I’d like to ask you some things, you answer...
It’s an interview, you know?

So, you’re a designer, right?
Why did you choose to become one?

And what got you into this in the first place?

So you were the “drawing maniac” kind of kid, 
reading comics and drawing all over?

And what kind of skills would you
write down under you name?

But yet, can you better describe your work?

Where do you want to go from now?